Interactive Tarot Card Readings

by Franklyn Smith, MSW, LISW-CP

Recreating the Lost Art of Intuitive Guidance

Relax, concentrate, call and be happy!

(Formerly reading at Seeking Indigo and Frank & Gray)

Currently available at Celedon, Fridays 1 PM - 6 PM - 1015 Johnnie Dodds Blvd Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Call 843.696.7895 to schedule an in person or a telephone reading


NEW !!! Franklyn is now facilitating two meditation classes each week that can include guided imagery, chakra clearing, establishing peace or breaking down barriers to receive joy, abundance & love.

Tuesday & Thursday 12:45 PM- 1:15 PM at Still Soul Studio at 7 Radcliffe St, Charleston SC 29403

What is Interactive Tarot? Tarot is a tool for reflection on one's personal life. A set of 78 cards with pictures and symbols is used to draw forth information from your subconscious. Franklyn uses a unique spread of twenty four cards to ponder your questions and concerns. As she interprets, you will be able to discuss and go deeper with anything and everything that resonates with you. Not to be confused with simple fortune-telling, this type of reading examines where you are now and how to navigate future influences in order to achieve your desired outcomes. This type of reading is Franklyn's forte: part divine guidance, part life coach, part fairy Godmother.

Who is Franklyn Smith? As a young girl Franklyn exhibited incisive empathy. This led her on a path of professional counseling and healing. Along with having a master's degree she is licensed for independent clinical practice, is a certified hypnotherapist and a well respected Reiki master. The Rider-Waite deck she reads from today has traveled with her for over 20 years visiting many sacred sites including Machu Picchu, The Great Pyramids, Chichen Itza, Ojo Caliente and Haleakala.

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Why Get a Reading? It is important for us all, from time to time, to review the choices we made in the past and evaluate how they affected where we are today. With the help of an intuitive card reader you can focus on where you want to be in the future and decide what choices need to be made now to get you there. Major events in one's life, even good ones, often raise questions about how to best proceed.

When is the Right Time for a Reading? Birthday readings are a great way to map out the coming year. Relationship turbulence? Career choices? A marriage proposal? What to name your new dog? That last one may seem silly but discussing even small things with a non-judgmental advisor can be rewarding and helpful. Sometimes the advice of friends and family is the last thing you need.

Is "Magic" Involved? Maybe. That is for you to decide. But after a reading with Franklyn you'll feel clear, relaxed, focused and back on track. Sounds like magic to me!

How to Proceed? Please call to set up a telephone appointment. 843.696.7895. Whether this is your first reading or you've had many in the past, you will feel welcomed and at ease by Franklyn's soothing voice and heartfelt expression.


90 minute readings are $200 - this is the most comprehensive reading using 36 Tarot cards, the Archangel Cards Deck and Archangel Michael Deck. Draw upon the Universe to help you understand issues on your mind now and what happened to get you there. Be ready to be surprised by seeing things in ways you never dreamed of. Franklyn can help you clear confusion and determine a rewarding plan of action for your life.

60 minute Oracle Card readings are $125 - Three Cards from the Archangel Cards Deck AND Three Cards from the Archangel Michael Deck PLUS a 24 Tarot Card Spread with themes identified for each month from present to 12th month. More focused on the present than the past but still providing an in-depth view and a logical plan of action. Less time for question and answer than the 90 minute reading.

30 minute Oracle Card readings are $75 - Three Cards from the Archangel Cards Deck OR the Archangel Michael Deck PLUS a 17 Tarot Card Spread with themes identified for each month from present to 8th month. More efficient and less interactive than the 60 minute reading, you still get to clear confusion and discuss a possible plan of action based on where you want to be.

15 minute Oracle Card readings are $30 - Three Cards from the Archangel Cards Deck OR the Archangel Michael Deck to address one question. Will he call? Should I move? Do I need to see a doctor? Will coming year be good year for me? Perfect for a follow-up to a longer reading or as an introduction to tarot card readings.

Whichever you choose, we look forward to hearing from you.


To schedule a telephone reading or for more information contact Franklyn at

or call 843.696.7895

Readings for you and your pet are also available.

(Pictured: Franklyn reading for Colt and Karla at Fetch Doggie Daycare benefit for Callie.)



The Panoramic Life Review is available on CD for $19.95 plus $4.50 shipping.

Please send check and mailing address to: Franklyn Smith Tarot c/o DSCdesigns 2024 Coker Ave Charleston SC 29412